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[Lottery] 10 Years Anniversary Lottery Card August 9, 2019 03:00:00 GMT

2019-08-09 15:00:00
2019-08-22 23:59:59
We have prepared a lottery for 10 Years Anniversary, which you can get amazing items. From this lottery you can get War Lord Cape, Empyrean Cape, Titan Set and many other ingame items!

10 Years Anniversary Lottery Card is waiting you in our WebMall

9 August 2019 Friday 15:00 (Already Started!)
Bitiş: 22 August 2019 Thursday 23:59

[ 10 Years Anniversary Lottery Card ]

You can purchase our 10 Years Anniversary Lottery Card from our Webmall for 240 Mokens.

Stand a chance to obtain one of the following items:

- Warlord Cape
- Empyrean Cape
- Full Titan Set (Offensive Weapon and Other Parts)
- 135% Titan Offensive Weapon
- 150% Violet Offensive Weapon
- Thunderbolt Wings
- Kirin Scale (SP)
- 11-14 Refinement Edict
- Fire Elixir SP,
- Wind Elixir SP,
- Blaze Elixir SP,
- Ice Elixir SP,
- Imperial Pardon,
- Imperial Edict,
- Reinforce Talisman(SP),

For Full Titan Set and 11-14 Refine Edict you need to send us ticket.

Title : 10 Years Anniversary Lottery Card

Character Name:
Item You Want(Clan):
Used Item:

Sample Ticket;

Character Name: Olive
Item You Want(Clan): Titan Set(Snake)
Used Item: Red Fungus

You can send us ticket from our
Support Page


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