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[War_Event] Spring Slam Reloaded (16 May-11 June 2020) May 15, 2020 11:00:00 GMT

2020-05-16 00:00:00
2020-06-11 23:59:59

Greetings MAYN Gamers,

We have a new war slam with new prizes for this November! Spend at least 20 minutes of accumulated time in Outpost War and be online at least for 8 hours everyday to win fantastic prizes!

We have updated the event rules, so please check the New Rules below to avoid problems.

How Do I Participate? (NEW RULES)

- Be online at least for 8 hours every day. You can grind, do PvP, open merchant or be AFK during 8 hours.
- Online time will be calculated from the moment you login the game till you logout. The time you have spend online will be accumulated.
* Example: If you spend 3 hours online and log out, after that login again and spend 5 hours online that will make 8 hours in total.
- If you can not fulfill the 8 hours rule you can not get any points.
- Spend at least 20 minutes on a A1-R12 character in Outpost War to win prizes!
- Earn 1 point for 20 minutes, or 2 points for 40 minutes, everyday!
- Each account can earn a maximum of 2 points per day!
*Although points stack for all of your characters in one account; time does not stack.
If you spend 23 min in one character you will get 1 point for this character.
If you spend 17 min more in another character, you can not get second point
even you complete the 40min in one account; since your second character couldn't gain a point.
- Accumulate points to automatically redeem prizes on the point chart!
- One account can only qualify for one prize redemption for that point level.
- The day starts at 00:00 GMT hours and ends at 23:59 hours GMT.
- Outpost War includes Muo Outpost and all Outpost War brackets.
- Prizes will not be issued if there is suspicion or evidence of event exploitation.

Spring Slam

Start Date: 16 May 2020 00:00 GMT
End Date: 11 June 2020 23:59 GMT

Spend 8 hours online in the game and stay in outpost war for 20 minutes to earn 1 point for that day. Spend 8 hours online and stay in for 40 minutes to earn 2 points!

Accumulate more points to automatically redeem prizes (auto deposit into vault)!


52 Points : 1x Dragon Scale
50 Points : 1x MAYN Coupon
40 Points : 1x 10% Random Mount + 1x Heart Elixir (SP)
38 Points : 2x Imperial Edict
36 Points : 1x Kirin Scale
34 Points : 1x Calabash(S)
32 Points : 1x 10% Reinforce Talisman
30 Points : 1x Imperial Pardon
28 Points : 1x 8 Trigram Bag
26 Points : 1x Extraction Manual
24 Points : 4x Refining Stone
22 Points : 2x 3% Special Feed
20 Points : 1x Rudolph
18 Points : 4x Elixir Chest
16 Points : 1x Golden Purse
14 Points : 1x Hormone
12 Points : 1x Silver Purse
10 Points : 1x Search Ticket (S)
8 Points : 1x 5% Reinforce Talisman
6 Points : 2x CP Ticket (S)
4 Points : 1x Might Pill (L)
2 Points : 1x Griffin Pill (L)

For example, if you earn 1 point today and 2 points tomorrow (3points) you will receive 1x Griffin Pill (L). If you earn 4 more points the next days (7points) you will receive 1x Might Pill (L) and 2x CP Ticket (S)!

Check Daily Result

(*) Grand Prizes:

4 Random players who will have reached 42 points will gain one of the following 5 prizes. After 42 points, every 2 points earned will give you more chance to win!

1) Black Feather
2) 1x 6-10 +3 Smelt Ticket *)
3) 1x MAYN Coupon
4) White Feather
5) Extraction Manual


*) 1x 6-10 +3 Refinement Ticket: It provides the chance to get 3 refinement to your chosen item which has refinement stage between 6 and 10.

You should send us a ticket to redeem the refinement after winners announced.
Sample Ticket Format;

Title: War Event Grand Prize
Character name: Aragorn
item to refine: Violet Armor Refine 10

At 40 points as a prizes "1x10% Random Mount" you will not be able to get 10% Puma!

Prize Give Out

Activity and point information will collected and posted on end of the event.

Prizes will be given out on end of the event.

Please feel free to post below or send a support ticket to if you have any questions.

Thank You!

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  • schoobydoo
    the best event I've ever seen. in this game!!!time spent now has value .:) gm. Thx that you listen to opinions the community of Romanians in the game thanks you.
    May 15, 2020 03:05:41 GMT