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  • Sky clan

    Ancient Sky
    Led by Lord Kian, one of the few remaining Twelve High Masters of the Sky Clan, he is the one and only wielder of the legendary blade that once belonged to Saga Swordsman Lord Chen. This true descendent of the Ancient Masters holds the last key to the “Battle That Will End All Battles”.
  • dragon clan

    Imperial Dragon
    A relatively balanced society, the Dragon Clan has some of the most well-rounded warriors. While Northern Dragons typically practice with both Light and Heavy Sword, those from the South defeat foes by projecting their Spirit with a weapon called "Marble.“
  • Snake clan

    Royal Snake
    Although physically weak, the Snake Clan is more than "just" an  opponent. Due to their quick reflexes combined with their superior weapons, enemies swiftly fall beneath their feet! The Snakes are renowned for their unique weapon, the Lute, preferred weapon amongst coy and devious assassins.
  • Tiger clan

    Fierce Tiger
    If there was a Yin-Yang in the forces of nature, the Fierce Tiger Clan would be the polar opposite of the Royal Snake Clan. Far superior in terms of sheer strength, the Tigers even outmatch the Dragon Clan in stature. Nevertheless, do not be deceived by their slow response, as their massive weapons can dish out massive damage.