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EPIC BOOK ⅡAncient China

Forged from the fires of Chaos, fed by the blood of a thousand wars, one heart begins to beat to the rhythm of the cries of his people for release, and from out of the darkness that binds all life... he came. Kian, his eyes burning with the hunger for battle, his lust for blood unquenched, his heart pulls him toward his destiny... and the battlefield that he will soon call home. Entering the sacred City of Lao, Kian sees a country torn apart from the incessant wars of its people; the very people who now watch him with battle wary eyes. The purpose that had once compelled them to wage war has been lost within the shrouded memories of their elders, until only hatred, bathed in the pain of hundreds of years of war, now serve as their reason.

He finds himself confronted by the Chieftain of the Dragon Clan, Yudi, who takes an arrogant stand before him and demands to know his intentions.Kian smiles a lazy smile, knowing that this man is no match for his skills. He watches as other clan members gather around their chieftain, eyeing the rogue traveler warily. Yudi is furious at the audacious arrogance of this stranger. Who is this man who seems to know nothing of manners? How dare he stare him down in such open defiance! When the stranger only continues to watch and smile, refusing to respond, Yudi knows it is time to demonstrate the reason he is the Chieftain Lord of the Dragon Clan. The whisper of steel awakens the quiet warrior's senses. He turns and slowly withdraws his own weapon, facing Yudi without a hint of fear. Yudi pauses as he hears the gasps of his fellow clan members.

... No, it cannot be ...

[ Imperial Dragon ]
A relatively balanced society, the Dragon Clan has some of the most well-rounded warriors. While Northern Dragons typically practice with both Light and Heavy Sword, those from the South defeat foes by projecting their Spirit with a weapon called "Marble”.