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Skills are the very essence of a true warrior. As a warrior increases in level, he or she will gain skill points. In “TwelveSky 2”, each warrior may hone their skills as they see fit. Skills can be purchased from each Clan’s Weapons Trainers using Skill points. Skill points can also be used to increase the effectiveness of each skill. You may access your skills by hitting the [S] Key.

There are 4 different types of skills. Common Skills, Aiding Skills, Attack Skills and Other.

As with any great warrior, practice makes perfect. In the unfortunate event that the need arises for a skill to be reset, a warrior may do so by acquiring a special scroll known as a Renaissance Sutra. However, take care when learning your skills, as these scrolls are rare.

Increases your Strength and overall damage output.
Increases your Dexterity which affects your chances to Hit and Dodge your foe.
Increases your Health.
Increases your Spirit.


The lands within “TwelveSky 2” are as dangerous as they are beautiful. In order to face these increasing dangers, you, young warrior, have been given the ability to increase your attributes in a manner that best suits your needs.

By pressing the [C] Key, you can view your character’s stats. You will find the name, level, contribution, and other attributes here. The amount of each stat will vary depending upon the selections you make. Body armor, weapons, jewelry and even Pets can change the stats of each fighter. Also, ability points will greatly affect your character’s attributes as well. These points can be dispersed into 4 different categories:

Alas, there are times when warriors may face the need to change their strengths and weaknesses. Young warriors, below level 40, may do so by merely requesting a stat reset from their Clan’s respective Guardian. However, even a master may feel the desire to alter his abilities. This is done by using a special potion known as a Renaissance Elixir. But take heed, these Elixirs are very rare. A Wiseman will learn well the skills he needs during the time when stat changes are easily provided.


Courage of the heart is a rare commodity, even within the remarkable lands of “TwelveSky 2”. Only the bravest and noblest of warriors will be called upon to perform various missions by the citizens and leaders of each community. If you have what it takes, then watch carefully. You may called upon to speak with one of the local citizens or even the Lord himself. Once you have received and accepted a mission, you can refer back to it, by pressing the ([M] Key).

You will find the information about your mission and coordinates to the general location in which you need to go. You will also find the title of the mission and how many item or monsters that are needed to complete it.

Note: Not all missions are able to be abandoned.


Every warrior will find objects of value through both their exploration and conquest. By storing your items within this inventory, you will be able to see and sort through your collection, as well as choosing objects you wish to use now and those that you may wish to sell later. You may access this window by pressing the ([I] Key) or by selecting the related Shortcut Bar icon.

Note: Each object requires a specific amount of space. Be sure to pay attention to the amount required for each object, as the space available in your backpack is limited. You may not be able to add objects to your backpack if the appropriate spaces are not available.