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Lord Seto sat quietly listening as the young woman finished the tale of the ordeal that had brought her to seek not only refuge, but training of their sacred arts as well. Her words had finally filled in the missing pieces of a puzzle that before, had left him only more confused than anything. Before this day, there had only been rumors of a young lady from the Dragon Clan who had rebelled against her family to join with Qing, the Tiger Clans best swordsman. Seto knew well Qing's history, and it didn't take him long to understand what had happened. Having the answer to this situation made it easier for him to understand the message he had received from Lord Yudi only a few hours ago. Although he was quite sure Lord Yudi did not know the whereabouts of his... daughter. However, he was not prepared for the girl's next statement.

"Test me," she stated simply.

"If I am unworthy, then your blade will end my shame."

"My Lord." Lady Liang, trainer of the sacred Lute, bowed and then spoke up. "Forgive my intrusion, but I must speak." Turning to MauLi, Lady Liang continued, "How dare you bring not only your family's shame to us, but you dare to shame our Lord by your audacious behavior?" Lady Liang turned back to face Lord Seto. "My lord, I beg your forgiveness, but this female is untested and is not worthy to die by your blade."

Lord Seto studied the faces of those who had gathered to hear the words of the shamed daughter of Lord Yudi. Lady Liang was right. However, this was the daughter of a Chieftain Lord, not a commoner, and there was something else that intrigued him... something he could not quite name... a spark, a hint of a fire that seemed to burn inside her, shown from her eyes. There was more to this female than just her words. He could sense not just her courage, but her confidence.

"Mistress Liang, your words are wise as always."

He looked at the girl, her eyes downcast, her body showing no sign of fear. He grinned slightly.

"Master Feng?"

Feng jerked his head up at the sound of his Lord's summons. "Yes, my Lord?" "Test her," Seto ordered, his voice low, and commanding.Feng bowed to the Lord. "As you wish."

[ PVP Combat ]
TwelveSky 2 is a PvP oriented game that promotes epic Clan vs Clan battles, where scores of players fight each other in the ultimate slaughterfest. Warriors gain special points known as Contribution Points (CP) for defeating enemy combatants. CPs can be used to acquire special titles or items via a CP exchange system