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Imperial Dragon“The balance of yin and yang saves one's Life”


A relatively balanced society, the Dragon Clan has some of the most well-rounded warriors. While Northern Dragons typically practice with both Light and Heavy Sword, those from the South defeat foes by projecting their Spirit with a weapon called "Marble."


Insensible Swordsman Lupin. Callous and cunning, Lupin achieved the coveted position of Chief Trainer of the Dragon Realm at the tender age of 22. Lupin was the last student of Master Yang, former teacher of Lord Yudi. Lupin is stuck in a soon-to-be-arranged marriage with Lord Yudi's daughter, MauLi. The spirited fifteen year-old defied her father's wishes and began to rendezvous with Qing, a trainer of the Tiger's Thin Blade. When her secret frolicking was revealed, her father grew angry and demanded that she stay with her own people and carry out the pre-arranged marriage. As a result, Lupin is caught in a backlash of rumors and slander.


  • Heavy Sword
    Heavy Sword
    The original form of Sword fighting for the Dragon Clan, the Heavy Sword is strong and dependable. Able to slash at a foe’s throat and sever a limb clear off. It is quite good at what it was designed to do.
  • Light Sword
    Light Sword
    The Light Sword was developed out of the Heavy Sword by those who believed that strength was not everything and the only true way to win a fight was through quickness and agility. This art was shunned for many years until Sliver Blade Bao won a duel against the notorious Furious Fire Doa who was a master of the Heavy Sword.
  • Marble
    The South-East monks dedicated their lives to transcendence and the mastery of their Spirit. Soon enough, one priest discovered the way to materialize one’s soul. Through years of practice and research, the monks soon realized that by focusing on a local relic, they were were able to amplify and even project these manifestations.