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TwelveSky 2 FeaturesTwelveSky 2 Is
An Exciting Martial Arts MMORPG.

TwelveSky 2 is an exciting martial arts MMORPG loved by players all over the world. You will explore an imaginative world packed with showy martial arts skills as you delve into the intricate oriental tapestry of Ancient China. If you are interested in Oriental history then you will definitely LOVE TwelveSky 2. Read on to find out what other features TwelveSky 2 has to offer!

Diverse and Thrilling Battle

Spectacular Raids

Battle powerful and elaborately designed monsters. Form parties to defeat huge boss monsters. Relish in the special sense of accomplishment as you annihilate monsters in spectacular raids! Not to mention the rare loot and bonus experience points!


TwelveSky 2 has 3 primary wars:

  • Hourly War
    Hourly Wars prepare players for larger battles by allowing you to practice in specially balanced maps. The Hourly War Maps are divided into 24 Brackets, spread evenly over 157 character levels.
  • Dragon Fall
    Dragon Fall is a formation war that takes place every 3 hrs. The clan that holds Dragon Fall gets +10% EXP, and access to the Abyss with enhanced monster spawns and drops!
  • Holy Stone Battle
    Holy Stone Battle sees all 4 Clans in Ancient China battling for supremacy in a 3 hour long PVP event to capture each other’s Holy Stone. Possession of each Holy Stone grants +10% Damage to all Clan members, thus conveying a huge advantage to those who succeed in Holy Stone Battle.

PVP Combat

TwelveSky 2 is a PvP oriented game that promotes epic Clan vs Clan battles, where scores of players fight each other in the ultimate slaughterfest. Warriors gain special points known as Contribution Points (CP) for defeating enemy combatants. CPs can be used to acquire special titles or items via a CP exchange system.

Guardian Stones

Guardian Stones are ancient and mystical relics capable of repelling enemy attacks. To raid an opposing Clan Town, the invader has to successfully destroy 4 sets of Guardian Stones - protective barriers where the defenders can rally to and recuperate.

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Vibrant Community / Community System

  • Sky clan
  • dragon clan
  • snake clan
  • tiger clan
  • Sky Clan
    Sky Clan is lead by the mighty Lord Kian. Once a loyal member of the Dragon Clan, Kian wanted to reunite all of Ancient China but was banished when he shared his views with his clan mates. Feeling betrayed, he swore to grow stronger and make his dreams a reality.
    Warriors who share Kian's vision, may defect to Sky Clan by reaching Adept level and speaking to their Palace Lord.
  • Alliance
    Politics and war always go hand-in-hand. Clan Leaders may work out a Blood Contract with another Clan to form a mutually beneficial situation. During this time of peace, Clans may visit each other’s hometown without animosity, as well as freely chat and barter goods.
  • Party
    It is a turbulent time in Ancient China, and powerful monsters roam the countryside. Band together with warriors of similar level to rapidly dispatch these fiends with an EXP boost!
  • Election
    When a player reaches Adept Level and has at least 1000 CP, they may participate in player run government by running for Clan Leader or voting for the next Clan Leader through the Election System.

Continual Growth

  • Skills
    Martial Arts techniques are varied and numerous, but you must be able to instinctively choose the right skill to use, when you are engaged in a battle to the death. The 3 primary types of skills available are Single Hit, Multi Hit and AOE (Area of Effect).
  • Enhance Materials to Reinforce Weapons
    Precious raw materials can be scavenged from the corpses of fallen monsters. These can then be enhanced to form valuable reinforcing and combining materials, to strengthen your gear and weapons.

Customization Options

  • Costumes
    Vanity Gear is available from the Item Mall, and when 4 of these costumes are equipped in a full set, a Warrior may activate Gold/Silver Scrolls to gain a boost to the 4 combat stats.
  • Title
    The title system is a PVP centric system that improves a player's attribute damage and defense after they have attain each title.
  • House
    Up to 50 warriors may join a house, to band together with like-minded individuals to share battle tactics and the spoils of war! The House System provides many social benefits including a special House Chat facility!

Raising Pets
& Taming Beasts

  • Pet
    Pets are mystical creatures with the power to imbue its owner with bonuses to health, spirit, damage and defense! These creatures mature over time with their owners.
  • Mount
    Mounts are special creatures that imbue their riders with both increased movement speed as well as making them more fearsome in combat.

a Flourishing Trade!

  • Item Mall
    The Item Mall (shortcut: K) allows players to purchase cash items using special virtual currency called Mokens. Mokens can be purchased by accessing the "Top Up Moken" button located on the bottom left of the Item Mall panel.
  • Exchange
    The Exchange System allows players to exchange Rare items for other rare gear you might not have.

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