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TwelveSky 2 InterfaceH.U.D & Controls


Mouse over the screenshot for a detailed description of the TwelveSky 2 User Interface

Character Status Bar

This window displays three vital bars. These bars represent your character’s current versus total Health, current versus total Spirit, and current Experience needed in order to attain to the next level.

Character State

The Character State spot is quite sneaky. Under normal conditions, it goes unnoticed. However, if you are experiencing a Buff (enhancement) or Debuff (reduction) the associated icon will appear in order to better inform you.

Pet Status Window

This window displays the main focal points related to an equipped pet. As these spiritual animals require nourishment, it is wise to constantly monitor the provided statistics if you wish to benefit from their innate abilities.

Mini Map

This window’s purpose is to help you navigate across China. By looking up Points of Interest or via grid coordinates, even a new adventurer will be able to pilot quickly and efficiently!

Premium Effects Window

Some “Premium Items” give you lasting effects for a given duration. This could be extra Backpack space or a time limit for a costume. Whatever the effect, if it derives from the exclusive Item Shop, for your convenience it will place a reminder here.

Menu Bar

Some of the more systematic functions of the game deserve their own slot due to importance. This includes the Clan Treasury, General Polls, and the like.

Action Bar

“TwelveSky 2” is all about quick thinking and lightning reflexes. If a warrior cannot withdraw his sword in time, he will not win the war. In essence, the Action Toolbar allows for guests to organize a row of keys, either [F1] ~ [F12] or [1] ~ [0], depending on user preference, which grants easy access to your most used skills and items.

Mount System

This allow the users to access the ingame mount system and select which mount they wish to use from their collections of mounts.

Scroll Activation Button

This button allows players to activate and deactivate their Gold or Silver scroll which they had used to unclock the secret powers of their special vanity costumes.

Outfit Management System

This allow the users to access the outfit system and select an outfit costume to wear. Outfits can be transferred from the Inventory to the Management System, and vice versa.

Clan Formation

This button is only accessible for Clan leaders. It allows the Clan leader of the Clan with the lowest Clan points to activate boost formation in which would allow them to perfom better on Holy Stone Battle periods.

Shortcut Bar

The Shortcut Bar provides for a user-friendly method to access the most used game menus. Such as, by clicking on an associated icon, you can easily view your Character Statistics, Martial Art techniques, Missions, Backpack, Friends List, and more!

Chat Window

The ability to chat to other guests is an important aspect in online games. Being that “12 Sky 2” is built around social interactions; you can read and write messages to fellow players by using this window. Through it, you can speak to those around you, those within your Clan, within your House, or even privately across vast distances by selecting the proper “Channel”.

System Messages Window

This section displays messages generated either from the Game itself such as reminders, damage, and the sort, or important notices written by the Guest Service Representatives.

Party Window

This window is similar to the Character Status bar. When in a party, this User Interface will automatically appear in order to inform you of the status of your group members, such as Health, Spirit and level.


Left Mouse Button
Click : select Target/Destination
Double Click : Auto-Attack
Shift+Click : Options Window
Right Mouse Button
Click : Change Angle
Click : Activate Item
Wheel Mouse Button
Roll : Zoom Camera In/Out
Click : Rotate Camera View