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EPIC BOOK IEndless War

Many years ago the country was ruled by the Twelve Legions.
Their reign was brutal and harsh. Many lived impoverished and as slaves. Only off to the far Northern region was there a warrior who openly opposed the cruelty inflicted upon the people, and that leader was Saga Swordsman Lord Chen. His clan was that of the Sky Clan; one of the most prominent clans in the Realm. There had been many legends about the incredible abilities of the twelve High Masters, and about the sacred stones that were shared with the Twelve Legions. These stones, it was said, gave the Legions their powerful hold over the people.

It was during a fierce uprising, when one of the Southern tribes began fighting back against the tyranny of the Legion Lord controlling their territory, that Lord Chen decided to put an end to the evil grip of the Twelve Legions. He devised a plan to take back control of the sacred shards and combine them once again to give the Sky Clan the power they would need to finally stop to the inhuman suffering of the people.. 

Lord Yudi didn't have to wonder why MauLi had not returned home. It was impossible for her to return now. She had brought shame upon her family as well as herself by her actions, even now, his family name had lost honor because of it. He looked at the maps under his hands, but didn't really see them. So, he had been right about Qing. That had to mean MauLi had been leaking information to him all this time. The fact that she was now with the rogue clan, made it clear she had been an unwitting participant in all of it. It had been Qing all along who had been supplying Lord Reni the information that had lead to the Dragon Clan's constant losses.

The battle that was feared would last decades, ended in mere days. The power of Chen's sword was too great, even for the joint effort of the other Legions, and peace finally came to a nation that had for so long only knew pain and anguish. 

In the years that followed, the nation flourished under the watchful eyes of the Sky Clan. Then one catastrophic morning, it all ended. The Mountain Changbaishan, had heaved a great plume of smoke and commenced to cover the entire region of the Sky Clan.

[ Sky Clan ]
Led by Lord Kian, one of the few remaining Twelve High Masters of the Sky Clan, he is the one and only wielder of the legendary blade that once belonged to Saga Swordsman Lord Chen.