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Ancient Sky“Battle That Will End All Battles”


Led by Lord Kian, one of the few remaining Twelve High Masters of the Sky Clan, he is the one and only wielder of the legendary blade that once belonged to Saga Swordsman Lord Chen. This true descendent of the Ancient Masters holds the last key to the “Battle That Will End All Battles”. However the path to peace is a brutal one and only those who possess the courage, stamina, and skill to rise above all else are able to claim their right to join and learn the ancient secrets of the Sky Clan.


Born Wild Tielshir. A master of the Slaughter Formation, even the most powerful of warriors have fallen to this dark and terrible move. Raised as a fledgling to Lord Kian, Tielshir is fiercely protective and loyal to his Master the only human he will ever trust.


SPECIAL : Ancient Sky can use all of the clan’s weapons

  • Heavy Sword
    Heavy Sword
  • Light Sword
    Light Sword
  • Marble
  • Saber
  • Double Blades
    Double Blades
  • Lute
  • Blade
  • Long-Spear
  • Lute