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Royal Snake“Just One Rapid Pierce causes a Typhoon ”


Although physically weak, the Snake Clan is more than "just" an  opponent. Due to their quick reflexes combined with their superior weapons, enemies swiftly fall beneath their feet! The Snakes are renowned for their unique weapon, the Lute, preferred weapon amongst coy and devious assassins. While friendly in appearance, the sound wave from the Royal Lute can be manipulated to cause tremendous pain.


Thundering Double Blade Feng. Losing his parents to the Battle of Saga City, Lord Seto saved Feng as an infant. While living amongst the Royal Snake Clan, Feng began his Kung Fu training as soon as he came of age. His unresolved hatred against the Dragon and the Tiger Clans for their involvement in his parents' death drove him to become the Chief Assassin of the Snake Clan.


  • Saber
    The Saber is a civilized weapon, for a civilized age – or so claim the city elders. This weapon was first designed by Snake Master Artisans as a gift to the second Chieftain. Due to its sleek design and quick response, it quickly trickled down from the Royal Guards to eventually the common people and to this day, stays a local favorite.
  • Double Blades
    Double Blades
    A traditional weapon amongst professional assassins, the Dual Blades were the original art of choice amongst the Snake Clan. They have been renowned for their deadliness and cunning ever since.
  • Lute
    Mistress Fairy was a great musician. She was loved far and wide; her musical brilliance was the top of the town. But one winter she became ill and bitter. The once sweet composer was now twisted. Using her knowledge of music from generations past, she was able to formulate a method to manipulate sound waves in order to slaughter pests safely from her home. This cunning technique has become popular with female assassins.