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Fierce Tiger"My strength plucked up the hills, My might shadowed the world"


If there was a Yin-Yang in the forces of nature, the Fierce Tiger Clan would be the polar opposite of the Royal Snake Clan. Far superior in terms of sheer strength, the Tigers even outmatch the Dragon Clan in stature. Nevertheless, do not be deceived by their slow response, as their massive weapons can dish out massive damage - something too
many unfortunate challengers have overlooked.


Dark Soul Saber Qing. This strapping young man was the son of Master Jin, a highly devoted follower of the Tiger Clan. Tragically, Jin was killed during an exhibition of combat skills at the hands of Head Master Yang of the Imperial Dragon Clan. Lord Reni was quick to adopt him and subsequently saw to his training; Qing could never let go of his hatred of the Dragon Clan, and yearned for revenge. His desire to be the best motivated him to successfully become one of the Chief Trainers at age 23.


  • Blade
    Blacksmith Fuiju woke up clamoring about a dream he had. This dream was the answer to the problems that the Tiger Clan had been facing for decades. A blade... fabricated from the Southern Hills ore, was able to produce a lightweight yet sturdy weapon. This schematic was eventually constructed and dubbed the Blade, a quick solution to the slow Tigers.
  • Long-Spear
    The Long-Spear and Short-Spear were two arts developed at approximately the same time. The fifth Chieftain, Lord Jao Wei, had been a practitioner of the Long-Spear variant. After losing a duel to a former rival, who happened to be a master of the Short-Spear, out of rage, Lord Wei banished the teachings of the short variant. To this day, this ban has not been lifted out of respect to his rule.
  • Lute
    The Phurba was a technique perfected by the Monkey Clan. After their defeat by the Tiger Clan over three generations ago, Tiger disciples have taken on the art rather religiously.