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EPIC BOOK ⅥThe Visitor

The warrior wiped the drying blood from his weapon, and then sat down alongside his companion. They had spent most of the morning fighting back the horde of dark minions that had come too close to their sacred training grounds."Blast Lord Kian and his foul beasts!" Feng, hissed. "They grow in numbers daily now."

"Come now, you can't tell me they are too much for the Great Master Trainers of the Snake Clan to handle?" Laughed Dao Batian.

Feng flung a hard stare upon the laughing warrior. "You think this funny?"

Dao Batian, the Snake Clan's master trainer of the saber, stopped laughing to scrutinize his friend more closely. "No, I guess not, but what else can we do except laugh? I know that the trials are becoming harder, but ... that only means we are improving eh?" He laughed again.
"I don't trust this... Kian. What do we know of him anyway?" Feng stated grimly, his hand unconsciously reaching for his weapon.
"What is there to know?" Dao Batain stated more than asked. "You have heard of his power. Who among us wouldn't want to know the secret of that?" "Heard... not seen" Feng muttered beneath is breath. "I've never seen him... have you?"
"Are you serious? Everyone knows what happened to the Dragon..."
"Bah... Dragon Clan! They are weak," Feng stated, irritated by Dao Batian's statement. "How can we judge the power of this... Kian, by what they say?!" Dao Batain heaved himself up from where he had been sitting and then looked down at Feng, who was absentmindedly holding his weapon as if he were ready to attack; an innate nature born of experience and skill. "I think you are underestimating them."

This time it was Feng's turn to laugh, but the laugh wasn't out of humor, but rather contempt. "Perhaps my friend has found the years have made him a bit addle... Have you not seen how they now run from Lord Reni? Even now, the Tiger Clan builds upon the ancestral lands of the Dragons." Dao Batain stood staring into the distance. He did not believe as Feng did.
He had seen the power of Lord Yudi more than once.
He did not know what had caused the Dragon Clan to lose as they had been, but he knew the real fight from Lord Yudi was yet to come.
He sighed wearily as he thought about the meeting he had had with their Chieftain, Lord Seto the night before.
Seto too was wondering what had brought about the change within the Dragon Clan.
The Snake Clan had been a silent witness to the conflict that had erupted between the two clans years ago.
They had always remained neutral, neither wanting nor willing to be a part of the fighting.
They had instead guarded their own territories and focused on the development of their own powerful army. Now however, Lord Seto began to feel uneasy.
With the growing confidence of the arrogant Lord Reni, he knew that the Tiger clan would soon set their sights upon the lands of the Snake. If only they knew what had allowed Reni to overcome Yudi so easily...
Dao Batian broke off from his thoughts, briefly glancing back at Feng before settling his eyes onto the distant hills.
He could just make out the indistinct figure of a warrior heading toward them.
His eyes narrowed and then widen as the shape took on the familiar markings he knew so well.
It would seem they would soon have their answer after all...

"Feng, get up. We have a visitor coming.”

[ Wars - Holy Stone Battle ]
Holy Stone Battle sees all 4 Clans in Ancient China battling for supremacy in a 3 hour long PVP event to capture each other’s Holy Stone. Possession of each Holy Stone grants +10% Damage to all Clan members, thus conveying a huge advantage to those who succeed in Holy Stone Battle.